Products & Brands

IPS are primarily aimed at private businesses, venues, councils, schools, ovals and places of worship.

We offer installation, repair, service, onsite-broadcast support, AV for productions, improved audio for Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, streaming, and control systems.

Microphones/mics (wired, wireless, handheld, headset, lapel, lavalier), speakers (indoor, outdoor, ceiling, wall, freestanding, foldback monitors), portable PA systems (wedding celebrants, functions), amplifiers (amps), audio processors, mixers (analog, digital), room/zone control panels and selectors, announcer systems.

Lights (flood, stage/theatre, moving, LED), DMX lighting controllers, replacement globes

Projectors, projection screens (fixed, manual, motorised), display screens, TVs for venues

School evacuation (evac) and lockdown systems
Stands (mic, speaker, tv)
Cabling (DMX, mic, RF)
Accessories (wind socks, clips)
Antennas for wireless mics
Fog machines

With so many years of service and experience, IPS can help with a wide range of brands. Looking for something from a particular brand or range. If it’s not below, chances are we can still help you out.

Atlona, Audio-Technica, Audix, Australian Monitor, Autonomic, Aviom, Behringer, Belden, Beyerdynamic, Biamp, Blackmagic Designs, Bosch, Bose, Brightsign, camco, Canare, Chiayo, Clear-com, Cloud, CMS Electracom, Countryman, Crestron, Crown, Curtain Call, d&b audiotechnik, dB Technologies, DBX, Denon, Denon and Marantz Pro, Denon Pro, DesignLED, Digitech Audio Visual, Doughty, DPA Microphones, Draytek, Dynacord, ELC, Electrovoice, Encore, GearSafe, Ghost, Global Truss, Grandview, Hall Research, Hitachi, Humantechnik, InDesign, Infotec, InterM, IsoAcoustics, Jands, JBL, JEM, JAG Headsets, K&M, Kali Audio, K-array, Klark Teknik, Klik Boks, Klotz, Kordz, Kramer, Kupo, Lab Gruppen, L-Acoustics, Lectrum, Listen, Listen Everywhere, Littlelite, Littlite, Look Solutions, LP Morgan, LSC, Lumens, MA Lighting, Mackie, Magenta, Marantz, New Magic, Nexo, Omnimount, Pakedge, Panasonic, Parallel Audio, Peavey, Penn Fabtrication, Pliant, PowerEx, Powerwise, Pro Shop, PROSHOP, QSC, Quest, QuikLok, Rane, RCF, Rean, Revolabs, Roadworx, Robert Juliat, Rode Microphones, Rojone, Roland, Samsung, Screen Technics, Screen Technics Pty Ltd, Secret Sound, Selecon, Sennheiser, Sentinel, SHOWPRO, Shure, Soundcraft, Soundtube, Spinetix, SUPERLUX, Switchcraft, VMB, Vue Audiotechnik, Whirlwind, Williams Sound, Wireless Solutions, Wolfvision, Wyrestorm, Yamaha